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Terms & conditions

The uploading of new data has been temporarily disabled as we prepare to transition the service to the new TMD (click on the link to preview). We anticipate re-enabling data uploads by the end of 2023.


The Training Metrics Database is a platform for ELIXIR Node Training Coordinators and/or their deputy to collect, access, visualise, and create custom reports on training statistics and training quality and impact data collected for their Node’s training activities. Each Node Training Coordinator will be provided with unique login details and is responsible for ensuring that ELIXIR training events organised by their Node are represented in the database. 

A summary view of the platform will be viewable for external parties - in the first instance, the European Commission as part of grant reporting - in order for them to visualise ELIXIR-wide training statistics and reports. Node specific views will not be made available to external parties.


Data ownership and sharing

Node Training Coordinators have ownership over data submitted for their Node and will be able to access the data at any time. It is the responsibility of the Node Training Coordinator and/or their deputy to ensure that the uploaded data is anonymised or in accordance with GDPR per their University/ Research Institution’s guidelines. Anonymous data cannot be associated with a person. Therefore, retrospective delete requests by participants after the submission of their feedback will not be possible. All users and viewers of the platform will be able to see a list of training events and associated statistics on the All ELIXIR Events page, this page will not include sensitive information. 

The Training Metrics Database admins will not share any unsummarised feedback data from one Node with another Node without explicit permission from the Node that uploaded said data. Exception: for events that have been co-organised by more than one Node, all Nodes listed as co-organisers will be able to see this data on their Node Dashboard. Please note: for events co-organised by more than one ELIXIR Node, the Node that uploads the event details must upload the associated feedback data. 

External partners will not be able to upload, view, or download any raw data pertaining to demographic/ and/or quality and impact metrics.



Each Node Training Coordinator will be able to view summary reports of demographic and quality data for their Node, including events for which they collaborated with other Nodes. In addition, each Node Training Coordinator will be able to view ELIXIR-wide summary demographic and quality reports. Node Training Coordinators will not be able to view summaries of other specific Nodes.

External partners will be able to view ELIXIR-wide reports only. Node specific reports will not be made available to external parties.


Privacy policy


Other than the email address used for each logged in user account, ELIXIR does not collect or store any personal data from individuals that visit the Training Metrics Database. Our website is hosted by Pantheon Systems Inc., please see this link for Pantheon System Inc.’s privacy statement: